Events and Activities

ATWPL has participated and sponsored several events in the recent times.

2011 reindia expo was the first time we participated in the Expo

I t was an amazing experience since we made many new potential clients and it was a good platform for all the competitors to meet and exchange information and share knowledge.

22nd March-24th March 2012

A three day Trade event, organized by Recharge India was an amazing platform for Aryan Trade World Pvt Ltd, to showcase their talent, hard work, and quality products. The event proved to be very interactive as there were traders, dealers, suppliers from all around the globe. ATW PVT LTD actively participated, the company’s branding proved to be powerful and effective. Aryan Trade World PVT LTD had one of the largest and crowded stalls, the stall design was elegant and so were the banners, right from the car park leading inside the hall. It sure was an expensive event for ATW PVT LTD but it was worth all the hard work. The memories of the event remain priceless.

Feb 14Th –Feb 16Th 2014

We participated in the ReIndia Expo again; the stall this time was comparatively larger. The no of crowd was huge. We received great response from the entire industry. We also distributed rewards to many regular customers who deserved appreciation and have been loyal to our group. It was a great platform to introduce the new sales team and interact with people from all around the globe.

March 12th –march 14th 2015

Indian recharger organized the expo in Mumbai, we had a huge footfall. Like always we had one of the largest stalls.

Apart from the Exhibitions, Aryan group has also been the highest sponsor of all the NCN imaging solution award night in the past three years.